Main features

TGA is a servermod for Minecraft 1.12.2 with the goal of creating a true JRPG experience in Minecraft.

In-depth RPG system

Our RPG character system takes you up to level 100 and allows you to customize your character with a depth that is unique to TGA. The traditional Minecraft survival experience has been completely adjusted to make your journey to level 100 a worthy challenge. Pick your element of choice and class and become the greatest Adept that Weyard has ever seen.

Everything new Factions

Our all new Feudal system allows you to create Towns, Castles, Factions and Religions which also have their respective features. Even better our system allows you to join multiple Towns and Factions to give you maximum flexibility. If you want to create alliances you can found Nations, which combine Towns and Castles.

Hand-crafted world

TGA will offer a huge, vibrant, diverse and hand-crafted world inspired by JRPG lore.



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Player Guide

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Git repo

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